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prakash sharma

Prakash sharma

Hi friends, My name is Prakash Sharma, the founder of Kamprize.com. About my birthplace, I am from Delhi (India). First, let’s talk about who I am and why you should follow me and follow Kamprize.com. I am a digital marketer by profession, but a blogger and affiliate marketer by passion. I’ve been blogging and doing affiliate marketing since 2019 and have worked with several online digital businesses. And I am passionate about sharing my ideas and experiences with Blogging, about (Gadgets, technology, SEO, Google Ranking, Affiliate Marketing) and Passive Income consulting with my readers and all blogging enthusiasts. Well, I’ve already explained this briefly, but I know it’s not good enough to trust my abilities. Digital marketing and the social community. Kamprize.com is another model for me a new journey to success. If you need to contact me about this website and any suggestions,
please use the contact page and follow me also on social media. I will get back to you.


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What work we do

Kamprize.com is the website where you can find the latest gadgets and reviews, specifications, and features on new technology products. and you can find the best products on a trusted online website like (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.). We know it’s hard to find amazing products on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This is what best meets your needs. You spend hours, if not days, finding the product you want (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.), but none of them meet your needs. We are here to help. Our philosophy is simple: we only want to show off the coolest things you can find and buy (Amazon, Flipkart, , etc.). We are not interested in spamming you with boring or lame products when you visit kamprize.com. You will only see interesting, innovative and often very weird product reviews. To be true, this website will return a small commission for the product. However, this is not the only memory of reality. We regularly list products and product reviews for which we receive absolutely no compensation.

We do not sell any of the products listed on the website. Everything is sold directly through his online site “Thanks again for the precious time you read this. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Affiliate Disclosure

 (There are links on this website that can be called “affiliate links”. This means that if you buy something using the link on this website, I will get a small provision )(free for you)